Sunday, 20 November 2011

The importance of trussing chickens

In his classic chef-porn rag, The French Laundry, Thomas Keller writes about the art of tying chickens up with butchers twine so that they look all neat and tidy; a fascinating subject i'm sure everyone would agree...
He makes a point about how it was useful for him to have belatedly learnt the basics after working under a baddass old-school french chef. He has a point. My french experience hasn't been quite as enlightening, but I tend to be reminded of his beautiful (if a bit pretentious) book, when i spend an hour every friday up to my ears in giblets and bits of string while bunging bits of baguette up the poultry's bottoms.
This post is brought about entirely because I always think they look cool when they're all done!
 fortunately no one saw me sneaking about with my slr trying to coax a winning smile out of 30 dead chucks...

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  1. Love that book, and great photo too Andy. Keep up the good work


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